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The MARITIME CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER is an official service of Phoenix to the Seafarers Families, Governments of Countries Effected By Piracy, K&R Hijack or similar situations in the Horn of Africa and in particular, Somalia.


Call or Fax to the our open international line 24/7 and an authorized Agent of Phoenix will reply within 12 hours or less and consult offer assistance to resolve the situation in peaceful, legal, timely and professional manner. Conflict Resolution for Insurance Law Enforcement Family Members and Open Channels Support Services Available to Offenders Holding Hostages in order to start the resolution process with experts in complex conflict resolution situations who have a proven track record of success.


Fax/Tel : +20101121818 Fax in the USA +1561 495 0963 SMS +962 777777 056 (Amman, Jordan) Leave Call Back Number or Fax and a Phoenix Conflict Resolution Expert will Contact You within 12 hours or less to Start Resolution Process or Cooperation with Families, Insurance Companies and/or Government Officials